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Lee, John John.Lee at logicacmg.com
Thu May 26 16:43:17 CEST 2005

OK great - good luck! I've now tried v2.0.0 (the release), v2.0.x (the fixes) and v2.1.1 (latest) sources - all make ok at present. I've had makes working with win95 & winme on several PCs so should be mostly ok... You may need > 128M of memory tho' 64M may work for make cycle. I've had it working for 128 up to 512M.   

If you try to make go32v2zip or make cycle you may get a small problem with the supplied go32v2 gnu utilities. As part of make cycle there is a check that the current version of ppcn.exe (n=1..3) made is same as the previous one, using the diff utility. Under win9x this fails even tho' the exe's are same, except for a few odd bytes. I have a pascal version of diff which fixes this & ignores the errors - you may need this.

Also re the exception problem you'll see it if you ctrl/c out of a simple go32v2 program... it's an error in dpmiexcp.pp or system.pp caused by the assembler calling changes or system.pp changes made around v1.9.6- v1.9.8, we suspect.  

To get gdb in the ide you can download libgdb for go32v2 5.2.1 from ftp fpc /contribs/libgdb... Re ide it sort of works but looks & behaves oddly in win 9x...

Regards John

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On Wednesday 25 May 2005 13:12, Lee, John wrote:

> Just put a v2.1.1 basedos.zip (compiler & rtl only) snapshot which I
> just made on win me, using supplied makes into ftp.freepascal.org
> .../snapshot/v21/. Used .../snapshot/v21/source/ . Not tested much,
> but it works for hello world program anyway...

Ok. Big thanks. I set up a Win98 yesterday. What a coincidence that a 
co-worker of mine just installed a new PC for his girl-friend, so he 
didn't need the old disk anymore. So everything is set and I can get to 
work. Hopefully I can report some success after the weekend or so...


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