[fpc-devel] DOS Platforms

Vinzent Hoefler JeLlyFish.software at gmx.net
Wed May 25 14:02:58 CEST 2005

Ok, first status on the matter:

Tonight I've spent some time with the sources and my Win2K machine. For 
me it seems as the Makefile(.fpc)'s are not yet up to date for the 
go32v2 target (object files didn't get deleted on cleanall, some unit 
paths were missing, that sort of stuff) [FYI: I checked out the current 
2.0.1 from CVS], but in the end I managed to make the compiler cycle 
manually. Hmm, well, let's see if I still remember how I did it, when I 
get back to it this evening ;).

Result: I get occasional seg faults (probably related to the ntvdm bug 
mentioned in the current djgpp, so this is definitely something to 
try). I can compile a simple hello world (huhu, what an achievement, 
but, hey, look at that matter when it's 3.30am).
Next test was to check some files from the tests/test stuff and those 
(very) few I checked seemed to compile quite ok. BTW, the tstring1.pp 
failed horribly (on successfull execution of the test, not on 
compilation) just like the current fpc does (don't you happen to 
actually run these tests?).

So it's definitely some more work to do, especially for building release 
version etc.pp., but at the first glance it doesn't look too hard.

> I can help on doing dos makes eg under win9x - I do them every day
> for dos snapshots.

Well, if you could manage to send me a makefile, so that I don't have to 
hack it myself (using Pascal and Ada for years, I somehow got used to 
the fact that makefiles are mostly unnecessary complex and outdated 
C-related stuff), that would be nice.

It also seems, I'll get an old Win95 system up und running in the next 
few days, so I even can do tests for the most important environments.

> ... and setting up a comfortable environment to develop in. The
> compiler sources itself aren't that interresting, more the runtime
> environment end the IDE. But for now just try to run a make cycle.

Well, I just tested in on my linux box, there it runs just fine (well, 
with fpc2.0.0, that is). It *should* not make any difference if I use 
fpc1.0.10, should it? Or am I missing something here?

> The Buildfaq documents it very nicely

Yes. Even I could understand it. ;-)

> and if you've got questions, just ask.

Well, at the moment I'd say, I take look at the makefile, see what I do 
with those "error setting exception" messages and trying to compile 
something larger to test with. I expect hard-to-find effects soon 

Oh, yes. One question: Should I use the current fpc2.0.1 release from 
the CVS or would it be better to switch to the 2.1.x branch already to 
not get too far behind the current development? Just don't say 
"both". ;-)


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