[fpc-devel] Bug in TSQLQuery.ApplyRecUpdate

Luiz Américo pascalive at bol.com.br
Tue May 3 23:17:46 CEST 2005

While trying to use mysql through sqldb i found some problems trying to 
apply the updates using TSqlQuery.ApplyUpdates:

Database info:
TableName = mysql_bench
Table structure =  CREATE TABLE `mysql_bench` (`AInt` int(11) default 
NULL,`AFloat` float(13,5) default NULL,`AStr` varchar(100) default 

1 - FTableName was storing the ; caracter if it's near to the tablename 
in sql query. For example Select * from ATable; -> FTablename = 'ATable;'

I fixed it with this

sqldb.pp:699 -> Move(PS^,FTableName[1],(P-PS-1));

but its buggy in the case there's no ; in the end

2- After fixing the table name i got the following:

Sql executed through TSQLQuery.ApplyRecUpdate = insert into mysql_bench 
  (AInt,AFloat,AStr) values 

Gives this error (also when used with a mysql management tool)

An unhandled exception occurred at $0040F0DD :
EDatabaseError :  : Error executing query: You have an error in your SQL 
   Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for 
the right s
yntax to use near '' at line 1

3- I noticed that could be  the Float format so i added the following 
line in TSqlConnection.GetAsSQLText

sqldb.pp:299 -> ftFloat    : Str(Double(Field.AsFloat),Result);

Now the sql is
insert into mysql_bench  (AInt,AFloat,AStr) values 

But still gives the same error. Although the same sql can be executed 
with a mysql management tool.

I hope this info can help resolve this bug


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