[fpc-devel] Quick patch for bug 3762

Tomas Hajny xhajt03 at vol.cz
Thu Mar 31 13:43:32 CEST 2005

From: "Thomas Schatzl" <tom_at_work at gmx.at>
To: "FPC developers' list" <fpc-devel at lists.freepascal.org>
Subject: Re: [fpc-devel] Quick patch for bug 3762
Date: 31.3.2005 - 12:44:20

> Sterling Bates schrieb:
> > In response to Tomas Hajny:
> >  
> > I'd certainly be willing to give it a try.  Granted, I only
> > have Windows XP, but if I'm careful it should be a smooth
> > transition.  No promises on a timeline :)
> Seems like we are working on the same things atm =)

Which part do you concetrate on, Thomas? Is your work related to
unit Crt (which could/should become cross-platform in its
majority), or are you rather fixing implementation of console
("API") units (keyboard, mouse, video) for Windows (which includes
winevent)? These two don't need to interfere, IMHO (so there
definitely can be enough space for both of you ;-) ).


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