[fpc-devel] webserver

Daniel Herzog expose at luftgetrock.net
Tue Mar 29 16:40:29 CEST 2005

>>i cannot access http://www.freepascal.org/ for days.
>>I can ping it, and wget establishes a connection ("200 OK" )but cant
>>download any data. ftp and www.jp.freepascal.org work fine.
>>please fix this, it worked nice here until the last week or so.
> One of the sites of freepascal.org had an outage on friday from 8:00 till
> 16:00 as the result of a massive powerproblem. However it works fine now.

Here it doesnt. I even tried to change the mtu of all relevant systems
to 1400 instead of 1500, which didnt help also...and i cant lower my mtu
far more...i want some troughput.

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