[fpc-devel] "Friend" classes?

Ales Katona ales at chello.sk
Sun Mar 20 19:54:09 CET 2005

DrDiettrich  wrote / napĂ­sal (a):

>Ales Katona wrote:
>>C++ requires "friend" only because it lacks the idea of modularity.
>>Since all classes are "apart" they need some way to tell each other "I
>>can use you"
>>In pascal you simply put them into 1 unit.
>That's why the C++ model is better, there exists no requirement to
>implement related classes in a single module.
>In porting C++ code to Pascal I often stumbled into circular unit
>references. Then the only solution is a monster unit, that implements
>all the related classes at once, where the C++ implementation can be
>split into appropriate modules. Even in Java it's possible to implement
>every class in a dedicated unit, regardless of class relationships, and
>without a need for separate header files. That's what I call a good
>modular concept.
>Perhaps I dislike Pascal include files only because they are poorly
>supported by the Delphi IDE. With better support it were possible to
>split the implementation into multiple dedicated include files, which
>could be thought of as implementation files, according to e.g. the
>Modula model. Lazarus offers better support for included files, but
>unfortunately it currently groups the types, constants etc. overview
>together by the according clauses; I hope for better grouping options in
>the near future, so that e.g. all types of an unit can reside in a
>single group. I already considered to contribute to the Lazarus
>development, but currently I have other projects with higher priority...
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This is actualy a C problem. If you imagine the outcome any bigger C 
program is one big piece of code. If C/C++ had proper modularity 
support, things like this wouldn't happen.


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