[fpc-devel] TField.IsNull for Interbase (or rather Firebird :) implemented

Michalis Kamburelis michalis at camelot.homedns.org
Thu Mar 17 01:57:27 CET 2005


I managed to implement correct TField.IsNull behaviour for fields inside 
TIBQuery dataset. I'm attaching:

-- patch to packages/base/ibase/ibase60types.inc, this fixes a small bug 
in ibase60 unit that defined Short as Integer (= 32 bits, since ibase60 
unit is compiled in objfpc mode), while it should be 16 bits.

-- patch to fcl/db/interbase/interbase.pp that

1) Fixes FFieldFlag declaration, it should be an array of IBase60.Short 
type (16 bits, not 8-bits ShortInt type as it was).

2) Implements correct TField.IsNull behaviour by recording "IsNull" 
state of each field of each record, along with data of that field. 
ThenTIBQuery.GetFieldData can be modified to return correct value of 
IsNull, and set Buffer^ only if field is not null and Buffer <> nil 
(since TField.GetIsNull calls TField.GetData with Buffer = Nil, and this 
causes call to FDataset.GetFieldData with Buffer = nil)

3) Oh, and small changes to TIBTransaction that I sent in my previous 
email this day (publishing 4 properties) are also included in this 
patch. Sorry, this was just easier for me, and since I didn't see them 
committed yet... Anyway, these changes to TIBTransaction are absolutely 
not related to all that "IsNull stuff", so feel free to cut them out if 
you don't like them.

-- I'm also attaching a trivial program using Interbase unit and some 
testing db to check that IsNull works as it should. Just in case it will 
save you some time in testing my patch :)

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