[fpc-devel] crt unit fix

Dr. Karl-Michael Schindler schindler at physik.uni-halle.de
Tue Mar 15 10:51:28 CET 2005

The additional blank only shows up in Terminal.app and X11 mlterm, but 
not in X11 xterm, aterm, eterm and rxvt. I am not sure, whether I will 
follow that :)


Am 15.03.2005 um 10:20 schrieb Jonas Maebe:

> On 15 mrt 2005, at 08:51, Dr. Karl-Michael Schindler wrote:
>> There is a endian related bug in the crt unit, which breaks the 
>> examples ex10 and ex11 of the crt docs. The following fixes the bug 
>> and makes the code more obvious. I suggest to replace the following 
>> two routines. Tested on Mac OS X. It fixes web bug 3788 (I submitted 
>> that one) and 3391 as good as possible (submitted by coraxyn). Some 
>> small editing corrections as well.
> There's still a problem somewhere though: at the end of ex10, the 
> output on the screen is
> Line 1
>  Line 2
> Line 3
> Oops, forgot Line 2, let's insert at the cursor postion
> Under Linux, there is no space before "Line 2", and from looking at 
> the source, there shouldn't be any. Nevertheless, your patch already 
> solves some other problems, so I've committed it. Thanks.
> Jonas

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