[fpc-devel] Local procedures as procedural parameter

olle.r at automagika.se olle.r at automagika.se
Mon Mar 14 11:41:55 CET 2005

> No, because in this case, you are comparing 2 basically different
> programming
> techniques: OOP and linear; they are fundamentally different in their
> practical use.

The iso feature supports a third, namely recursive programming, which has
been forgotten after C took over the world and introduced its assembly
style programming.

> I don't see much code out there which mixes the two.
> (I'm talking 50-50%, not 99-1%)
> Beware:
> I want to make clear that I am not against the concept "an sich".
> If the compiler was born 'out of the blue', and it supported 'iso'
> procedures from the very start, the problem would not exist. All
> procedures
> (local and global) could be made 'iso-aware', and you would be able to
> pass
> both local and global functions for the same procedural parameter.
> The problem is that we are in the situation where the majority of
> existing code

There is a lot of existing code out there which currently are not
supported by any live compiler, namely everything written in some of the
mac pascals. FPC can be the remedy.

> does not work like that, and that we have to introduce a
> 'schisma' in the compiler. I'm not particularly fond of this idea.

As I see the suggested solution, the iso stuff can be added, without
affecting existing code.


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