[fpc-devel] Changes to gtk 2 bindings

Michalis Kamburelis michalis at camelot.homedns.org
Tue Mar 1 02:50:27 CET 2005


So here they are. Initially I was making my changes versus gtk2forpascal 
from sourceforge, but now I made them versus FPC sources, since I can't 
connect to gtk2forpascal cvs on sourceforge. I also noticed that version 
from FPC tree already contains some of the fixes I was going to send... 

I'm attaching patch to packages/extra/gtk2/, it fixes various small 
things: compiling gtk_demo, {$linklib c} and {$linklib pthread} needed 
under FreeBSD, using HasGTK2_2 symbol in gtk2.pas, correct name for 
identifier TGtkAccelGroupFindFunc, and four missing functions for 
GtkWindow (gtk_window_fullscreen/unfullscreen, 

Note that I added {$define GTK2_2} at the beginning of gtk2.pas -- I 
think that GTK >= 2.2 is installed pretty everywhere where any GTK 2.x 
is installed. But this may be a matter of personal experience, so feel 
free to remove this bit if you think that's better.

And here you can find my gtkglext translation (12 KB):

I tested it (gtk 2 bindings with my patches and gtkglext) on Linux, 
FreeBSD (5.3) and Win32. In the gtkglext archive you will find 
subdirectory examples/, there is one simple test program using gtkglext, 
gears.pas. This is rewritten in Pascal version of gears.c from gtkglext 
examples. You can also look at the units and programs on my www page, 
they use gtk2 and gtkglext, though they are not very good example 
programs for teaching how to use gtkglext (since gtk code is there 
embedded in rather large unit).


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