[fpc-devel] Small Wstrings problem

Martin Schreiber fpmse at bluewin.ch
Mon Jun 27 14:17:35 CEST 2005

On Monday 27 June 2005 13.53, Florian Klaempfl wrote:

> That won't like people who count on delphi compatibility. Maybe we should
> make the widestring heap allocation through the widestring manager so
> heaptrace can hook it.

Then the other way around, a new widestring which is reference counted
on all platforms for people like, me who count on cross platform 
portability. So i can write

 {$ifdef FPC}
 mywidestring  = FPCwidestring;
 mywidestring = widestring;

and exchange 'widestring' by 'mywidestring' 10'000 times...
In most times i use widestrings and not ansistrings and i estimate
the performance gain of the FPC widestrings over the not reference
counted delphi strings.

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