[fpc-devel] Re: KOL for freepascal (was: Extend the libraries people!)

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Tue Jun 7 14:57:33 CEST 2005

| I'll see if MCK works with FPC 2.0.0.. if so, people could build applications in
| Delphi but compile in freepascal/lazarus. That would just be evil and nasty.

Well I tried it. MCK works first try on one of my projects I built with Delphi over a
year ago. Therefore, I'm happy to announce that you can <BIG FONT> create applications
in the Delphi IDE visually, and then compile them with FPC!</BIG FONT> using KOL/MCK.

I'll upload a flash video of my PC and show you what I mean - when I get a chance
(.swf format).

So basically using MCK/KOL one can
 - visually create applications with Delphi
 - open lazarus or any other IDE, compile the application that you built with Delphi
 - or compile the application with some other IDE, or command line FPC
 - someone may build a plug in for the Delphi IDE to compile the application with FPC
directly from Delphi IDE
 - have an exe application who is only 50KB in size or so!!

All I had to do was open an old MCK application I built a few months ago and add the
following lines to the code in each KOL/MCK source file:

{$MODE Delphi}

What does this mean for us as FPC developers?
For Windows development, MCK/KOL applications can be created visually by RAD. Exe size
is 40KB for a simple application. Lazarus is 1MB currently. People can use KOL/MCK for
visual RAD on small-medium projects until lazarus is more mature with regards to exe

This is very big news.. because all my KOL/MCK applications right now will compile
inside Lazarus with no modifications..and they were all built in Delphi months/years

I will have to check to see if all the MCK components will compile though.. hopefully
things like KOL synedit and KOL synapse may even compile.

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