[fpc-devel] Extend the libraries people!

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Tue Jun 7 10:34:02 CEST 2005

Some of the incompatibilities first need to be brought about through experimentation.
So start figuring out what -specific- delphi units that you actually need to get
working now. If you have a specific unit or source code that needs to be
working -today-, then at least you can submit the exact incompatibility issue to the
mailing list or wherever.

Otherwise, isn't the incompatibility just low priority, until proven guilty? i.e. it's
great that c++ has ways to do neat tricks with all sorts of templates and
preprocessing, but does any of your code that you want working today, right now, rely
on it? If so, then it's a higher priority.. but if it's something you haven't used in
5-10 years and would be "nice to have some day" then it's just more of a "wish" than a
I definitely agree that it would be nice to have all delphi code compile in FPC (then
maybe Borland might sadly go out of business and we all might be eating free food soon
too).. but there are other alternatives in the mean time, which may only take 5
minutes to get working.
Such as getting KOL working, which is a complete GUI toolkit for windows! I thought it
would take me longer
to get this working today.

Well I've just got a KOL application working with FPC 2.0.0, just the date/time
functions and KOL assembly version define isn't working properly yet.

Since Vladimir offers us pure Pascal $define or an assembly $define, I turned
$define_pas mode on and got a simple KOL app working after about 1 hour of commenting
out date/time functions and changing a few things.

I will submit a crumby KOL hello world zip asap. (next goal is to try an MCK app
working, and a linux app working, but I"m not sure how far linux is supported with

Listen, 26KB for complete a hello world windows GUI program is not bad at all.

Maybe we'll get around to making IDE for KOL/freepascal, or Lazarus could be hacked to
use KOL.

People might be able to cheat in the mean time by building their KOL/MCK applications
inside delphi, then compiling with freepascal (since KOL does not use DFM files,
rather pure on the fly component creation code just hidden inside include files).


| > | Why not both? Delphi is windows-only, so even if FPC became 100%
| > | compatible with D7, the libraries already available for Delphi are
| > | usually windows specific, and FPC libraries are cross-platform.
| >
| > And we all know they are already doing just that. What is needed is more help,
| > and contribution.
| >
| > In fact many libraries out there already are working with FPC. We just haven't
| > anything about them (i.e. submitted them). It's the man work. We can talk all we
| > but when it comes time to code...
| Indeed :)
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