[fpc-devel] Re: [fpc-l] type discussion

Jose Manuel qkysoft at arrakis.es
Fri Jun 3 05:46:12 CEST 2005

> Well I will typically spend about 25% of my development time with
> forward declarations, doing loads of try finaly blocks to free memory
> and other things instead of implementing my application.
> jamie.

Well, you are quite a machine. If you say so, sure it's so, but that's not
the problem. Anyhow there are tools, editors, etc. that can easy that fact
if you feel confortable with then.
I usually spend under 5% typing my code, I spend a lot longer thinking what
I have to type, and I DO spend quite longer debugging and improving my code.
And herebye I challenge any C Coder to maintain a program faster and neater
than in Pascal (I say C, 'cause your comments about Python and other script
language I assume it's a joke).

Anyway as Michael would say, a can of worms has been opened and we are not
going anywhere. If you want to stick to Python, stick to it, but Pascal is
another thing.


BTW: Never heard of anybody doing serious programming in GNU Pascal (and I
know many a programmer doing serious programming in FPC and even VP)

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