[fpc-devel] DB Bug in 2.0.1?

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Thu Jul 21 11:12:16 CEST 2005

> I tried building this app with 2.0.1 from July 5th (and again from 
> today's 2.0.1 snapshot) of FPC and all date fields are reading as 
> "12/31/0000" when read as both a string and as a TDateTime.  I use the 
> same download of TDbf in both, not the TDbf that's packaged with FPC.

> This happens both in code and within data aware components.

It's an known issue. There was some discussion about which format to use
internally for date/time-fields. That the Delphi help stated that
TDateTime should be used was not accepted as an argument then, so it's
changed to something else.

Now I did some tests and I know that Delphi 7 uses TDateTime internally,
so it'll be changed back to that. I have the patches ready, but need to
do more tests with all supported databases.

At the same time I discovered some bugs in the rtl regarding
TDateTime's, i'll send a fix for that too. I think it all will be done
in the weekend.

> I've also noticed that the TDBGrid component in Lazarus no longer allows 
> reliable editing of the data.  Most of the time it just reverts the cell 
> back to it's previous value, but sometimes it will let the change save 
> (and I'm not sure why it's not consistent.)  I'm assuming this might be 
> related to the recent db subsystem changes?

Is that fpc-related or lazarus-related? (ie: does it work with fpc
2.0.0?) Several people including myself reported this, but Jesus Reyes
can't reproduce it. (If it's fpc-related, i'll have a look at it)

Met vriendelijke groeten,

  Joost van der Sluis
  CNOC Informatiesystemen en Netwerken

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