[fpc-devel] dateutils: ...julian...

Gerhard Scholz gs at g--s.de
Thu Jul 14 09:31:39 CEST 2005

I have seen, that the Julian-Routines in dateutils are a little bit

Since I have a working Julian (and the other way round: nailuJ) -function, I
could integrate them, or deliver the functions so somebody else who wants to
integrate them.

For integrating I would need more information about the parameters,
especially the meaning of the double,
and: which day has a julian value of 1 (in my routines 1.1.1600 is the base)

What is JulianDate vs. ModifiedJulianDate?

Function DateTimeToJulianDate(const AValue: TDateTime): Double;
Function JulianDateToDateTime(const AValue: Double): TDateTime;
Function TryJulianDateToDateTime(const AValue: Double; var ADateTime:
TDateTime): Boolean;

Function DateTimeToModifiedJulianDate(const AValue: TDateTime): Double;
Function ModifiedJulianDateToDateTime(const AValue: Double): TDateTime;
Function TryModifiedJulianDateToDateTime(const AValue: Double; var
ADateTime: TDateTime): Boolean;


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