[fpc-devel] Not really a bug...

Marcel Martin mm10 at ellipsa.net
Mon Jul 4 19:06:28 CEST 2005

Peter Vreman a écrit :
>>I am using FPC 2.0.0, Win32.
>>When subtracting a longword from a longword, FPC codes the
>>operation as if it were a 64-bit operation. This is not really
>>a bug since the code is correct but this uselessly increases
>>the running times and the sizes of the executables.
>>(I found no bug report about that)
> There were a couple of bug reports about this issue. It is already fixed
> in current svn.

I am using FPC 2.0.0 with some files overwritten by the ones
downloaded from
(file base.i386-win32.zip)
and the problem is still there.

base.i386-win32.zip doesn't contain updated files?


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