[fpc-devel] {$DEFINE x := something}

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Fri Jul 1 02:12:05 CEST 2005

| Please move this thread to fpc-other. This has nothing todo with pascal.

Neither did Florian's or Christians font related posts, and neither do the
smiley's we posted have anything to do with Pascal.

I think the effeciency of your development environment and setup you are using
to create pascal code does have everything to do with FPC-devel and even

| Everybody needs to decide for himself what he prefers to use: commandline,
| TUI or GUI.

Everyone does not need to decide for himself in a lonesome,  cold world. We can
research the facts and information together, before making a decision about TUI
or GUI. Which is why I went ahead and offered downloads and screenshots of the
fonts that will make FPC development more effecient for many fpc and lazarus

As I have indicated, I am very happy to have 83-88 lines of Pascal code on my
screen versus even 70 or 55. And if it makes Pascal coding more effecient, then
it should be posted for other -developers- and users to see.


I almost went ahead and removed all my contributed units from the FPC website,
with fear of some of the source code comments even being partially off topic and
non-pascal related. However, I realize this is just the internet and I do
sometimes have a stronger pulse than usual when reading my email.

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