[fpc-devel] Freepascal on SPARC, MIPS(EL) and ARM GNU/Linux hosts

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sun Jan 2 05:43:32 CET 2005

En/na Sunil Amitkumar Janki ha escrit:
> Luca Olivetti wrote:
>> It also works fine on my lspro (even if I don't remember how long does 
>> it take for a make cycle, and I didn't try yet with 2.2.0, last I 
>> tried was 2.1.4, which leads me to the question: are you going to 
>> provide a native arm 2.2.0 tarball?) ;-)


> I may also acquire an Iyonix or other ARM system somewhere
> in the future. So if I have the time and can provide a native
> ARM tarball I certainly will do so. First I have to learn some
> Linux and ARM programming though :-).

Don't worry, the question was for Florian, since he provided a binary 
snapshot of 2.1.3 (IIRC) and he has the means to do it (as do I, but if 
he already did it I'd gladly avoid a make cycle ;-) )


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