[fpc-devel] Bug in compiler after fixes applied: 2005/01/10 21:50:05 jonas

Alexey Barkovoy clootie at ixbt.com
Mon Jan 17 15:18:09 CET 2005

Fixes description:
2005/01/10 21:50:05  jonas
    + support for passing records in registers under darwin
    * tcgpara now also has an intsize field, which contains the size in
      bytes of the whole parameter

I've initially filled bug report here:

After looking at problem source I've discovered that changing < ncgcal.pas > 
around 330 line back to pre-patch (old) condition fixes mine problems:

{$ifndef cpu64bit}
// Old code ---
//                    if left.location.size in [OS_64,OS_S64] then
// New code ---
//                    { don't call the cg64 stuff for 8-byte sized records etc }
//                    if is_64bit(left.resulttype.def) then

                    if left.location.size in [OS_64,OS_S64] then
{$endif cpu64bit}

Mine problems seems to happen in this function (class method), but I can't 
reproduce it in simpler case:

function CDXUTButton.ContainsPoint(pt: TPoint): LongBool; // this is virtual 
  // this checking of class variable raises an exception
  if (Text = 'aaa') then begin end;
  // if line above is commented this function returns always false.
  Result:= PtInRect(m_rcBoundingBox, pt);

Compilation is done with "-Sd -Or" parameters.

PS: changing declaration to use CONST doesn't change anything:
function CDXUTButton.ContainsPoint(const pt: TPoint): LongBool;

PPS: How this can be related to this bug report?

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