[fpc-devel] ansistrings and widestrings

peter green plugwash at bircd.org
Sun Jan 9 21:45:37 CET 2005

> Type
>   // Lenght paremeters are number of CHARS not bytes
>   TWide2AnsiMove=function(source:pwidechar; srclen:SizeInt;
> dest:pansichar;
> destlen:SizeInt): SizeInt;
>   TAnsi2WideMove=function(source:pansichar; srclen:SizeInt;
> dest:pwidechar;
> destlen:SizeInt): SizeInt;
> These functions should return actual number of characters in
> output. Returning
> ZERO should indicate insufficient destination size.

yes theese would be workabable but they seem to me to be a horrible Cism

whats wrong with

twidestringtoansistring=procedure(const source : widestring;var dest :
tansistringtowidestring=procedure(const source : ansistring;var dest :

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