[fpc-devel] Resource string in TStringList

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Sat Jan 8 21:26:12 CET 2005

pascalive wrote:
> Some time ago there was a discussion about the use of Resource string in TList that resulted in a modification in TList.Get function (Created TList.RaiseIndexError function). I think that the same could be done in TStringList (i noticed that TStringList.Get function still uses resource string directly, at least in fpc 1.9.6 source package).
> How about doing the same for TStringList.Add at
> line 917 of stringl.inc [DupError : Error(SDuplicateString,0)] ??

AFAIK, this is not necessary any more, because the compiler has been 
improved and now there no implicit try..finally block generated for 


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