[fpc-devel] Portability Standards

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sun Jan 2 23:41:11 CET 2005

> > > I'm willing to demonstrate my ideas in a redesign and extension of
> > > Abbrevia, so that we have a concreter base for further discussions. But
> > > before starting with that work I would like to hear some encouraging <g>
> > > opinions or suggestions.
> >
> > I think you can do this. I will be pleased to help where I can.
> > But send a proposal before you start, I wouldn't want to you
> > end up rewriting half your code after a discussion. ;-)
> After a closer look at Abbrevia I'm not sure whether it's a good example
> for porting code. The recent Kylix extension is crap, and also the
> preceding conversions into Windows specific procedures and Pascal
> standard types must be reverted to the original definitions. That's why
> I'd prefer to use the better ported and portable code from e.g. zlib and
> bzip2, instead of again porting the according miserable code from
> Abbrevia. More to follow...

I suggest the thread be continued in your other mail.


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