[fpc-devel] Optimization error causes pyacc and plex to fail

Florian Klaempfl F.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Sun Jan 2 21:38:09 CET 2005

Jonas Maebe wrote:

> On 1 jan 2005, at 19:49, DSTRODT at aol.com wrote:
>> Can't seem to get bug submission to work so I'm sending this here.
>> The 1.9.x distributed binaries of plex and pyacc both fail, as well as 
>> any created from a 1.9.5 source snapshot. plex ends normally but only 
>> creates 2 states. pyacc fails with a RTE 216 on a move in procedure 
>> setunion of yaccbase. The makefile compiles these programs with the 
>> -OG2p3 option. Changing this to either -Og2p3 or -OG1p3 and they both 
>> work correctly. I am using unmodified versions of both programs so am 
>> only attaching the output of each scenario. Feel free to contact me if 
>> you need anything else.
> Could you try again with the 1.9.6 release? Several optimizer bugs have 
> been fixed this week. I can't test since I don't have any yacc/lex 
> grammar available.


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