[fpc-devel] compiler bug?

Nico Aragón na-list at espira.net
Sun Jan 2 19:32:52 CET 2005

El Domingo, 2 de Enero de 2005 17:01, Jose Manuel escribiste:
> > IIRC, any non-zero value is evaluated as "True" for a Boolean
> > variable. The
> No, and no. There your assuming some implementation of the type Boolean.
> I Peter stated, bitwise logic and Boolean logic are neatly separated in
> Pacal. You say you're not counting on how it's implemented and still
> insists in expressions as "True <> 0". No way.

I don't insist in anything. This message was stalled because days ago I used 
another mail address that's not subscribed. (I hope that) you can see that's 
the very same message that was then resent and discussed. 

> Dodi told you, Peter told you and I tell you now. Don't guess anything
> about how a compiler internally implementens a type. 

In the message you're answering to, I'm clearly saying that it's better to 
read the documentation than to make tests programs or making guesses. You're 
quoting selectively to suggest that I say the opposite. 

That's childish. The original message is there for anyone that wants to read 
it. I can be wrong, but let me be wrong saying what I say, not anything 


    Nico Aragón

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