[fpc-devel] compiler bug?

Jose Manuel qkysoft at arrakis.es
Sat Jan 1 09:06:13 CET 2005

> 3: the PASCAL way
>   boolean is a totally seperate type from integer types so the compiler
> knows whether you mean logial or bitwise operations. I don't know if false

That's the point. :-)

> and true having ordinal values of 0 and 1 is part of a standard or a
> borlandism but im pretty sure its what all pascal compilers anyone cares
> about do.

So i think. I think Ord(TRUE), Succ(FALSE), etc. are valid Standard and
Extended Pascal expressions, as well as the behaviour of a declarion of type
TBoolArray = array[boolean] of ... is neatly defined in the very language.
(At least in Modula-2, that enumeration is part of the standard, so it's a
language feature and not compiler implementation dependant).


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