[fpc-devel] InstantObjects

Uberto Barbini uberto at ubiland.net
Sun Feb 27 17:14:42 CET 2005

> > I almost finished the porting of the core part of IO to fpc.
> I am *very* interested in seeing this working :)

Nice to know! ;)

> > I added bugs for the (few) function I had to rewrite or modify passing
> > from Delphi to fpc.
> >
> > Anyway I'm still in trouble with streams.
> > IO use descendants of TRead and TWrite like files.
> What is TRead and TWrite ?

mmh, I meant TReader and TWriter, the stream classes descendants of TFiler.

> > It could be added to the "driver"?
> Could you explain this ?

I could explain better later, with some code.
Anyway I noted that fpc use a smarter strategy than delphi: instead of an 
internal TStream fpc use a "Driver", an internal object delegated to all 
read/write operations.
I'm not sure how could it made compatible with IO needs.

> You should write using text files only if you need this.

Yes, I agree.
Maybe there were some minor issues with text too anyway (like cr/lf or 
floating point formats).

Bye Uberto

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