[fpc-devel] Problem with install/binw32

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Feb 24 11:06:43 CET 2005

> It would appear that the set of win32 binaries that Peter installed in the  
> install/binw32 directory of cvs on 2/7 contains a back-level version of a 
> couple  programs, as compared to the versions available from the binary download 
> (1.9.6  released 1/1/2005). Specifically, the download version of ld, strip and 
> windres  are all "2.15.91 20040904"  while the cvs install/binw32 versions of 
> these  three are "2.9.5". 
> Using the 2.9.5 version of ld causes the following error when doing a make  
> (linking the ide)
> libcygwin.a(pseudo-reloc.o)(.text+0x52)undefined reference to  
> libcygwin.a(pseudo-reloc.o)(.text+0x59)undefined reference to  

1.9.8 will contain the new version.

Problem is that 

- the new one fails to strip binaries (-Xs) properly, requiring manual strip
	on windows, specially annoying for lazarus.
- the old one is incompatible to recent cygwins.

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