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Jan Ruzicka jan.ruzicka at comcast.net
Mon Feb 21 07:17:42 CET 2005

here comes next incremental patch:
- tokens now AnsiStrings
- the comments are now handled better, ptop now does a multi line 
- added debug prints to verbose option
	'line in-<number> out-<number> symbol "<name>" = "<value>"'
   the <value> is truncated in the middle. this means visible beginning 
and the end.

only outstanding issue are new lines in front of long comments.
The procedure PPSymbol is trying to fit the symbol on a line by 
inserting a new line.

This is working so it can be checked in.

Jan Ruzicka

On Feb 20, 2005, at 18:07, Jan Ruzicka wrote:

> OK here is the first patch.
> - keywords 'virtual' and 'uses' were added.
> - '{}' and '(**)' comment types were separated.
> I am fighting with AnsiString now for the rest of changes.
> Attempt to change the Token type to AnsiString ended up in unusable 
> code.
> The sym value did not get cleaned and caused repeating of comments 
> over and over again.
> It also seemed that there was some endless loop.
> Jan Ruzicka
> On Feb 19, 2005, at 09:57, Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>> Jan Ruzicka wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> is anybody updating the ptop utility?
>>> I was attempting to run a legacy source code by it but it fails to 
>>> deliver.
>>> Problems are
>>> 1) keywords
>>>     - ptop does not recognize all fpc keywords
>>> 2) nested comments
>>>     - ptop does not recognize nested comments
>>> 3) comment endings
>>>     - ptop does not differentiate between '{','}' and '(*','*)' 
>>> comments
>>>      - ptop does not even recognize '*)' most of the time (it 
>>> matches it as '*' and ')'.
>>> 4) multi line comments
>>>     - ptop does not handle multiline comments properly it ends the 
>>> comment at the end of line.
>>> I attempted to fix issues mentioned above, but I don't know who 
>>> should be contacted for a patch submission.
>>> Can I use Ansi strings or does it have to be portable?
>> Ansitrings are always portable so they can be used.
>>> I ask because multi line comments are too big for a string.
>>> Is there a keeper of the utils ?
>> Post them zipped here; if the zip is too large, the list admin will 
>> handle it :)
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