[fpc-devel] ptop

Jan Ruzicka jan.ruzicka at comcast.net
Sat Feb 19 04:17:38 CET 2005


is anybody updating the ptop utility?

I was attempting to run a legacy source code by it but it fails to 
Problems are
1) keywords
     - ptop does not recognize all fpc keywords

2) nested comments
	- ptop does not recognize nested comments

3) comment endings
	- ptop does not differentiate between '{','}' and '(*','*)' comments
      - ptop does not even recognize '*)' most of the time (it matches 
it as '*' and ')'.

4) multi line comments
	- ptop does not handle multiline comments properly it ends the comment 
at the end of line.

I attempted to fix issues mentioned above, but I don't know who should 
be contacted for a patch submission.

Can I use Ansi strings or does it have to be portable?

I ask because multi line comments are too big for a string.

Is there a keeper of the utils ?

Jan Ruzicka 

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