[fpc-devel] Abbrevia and Delphi compatibility

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Feb 16 11:32:58 CET 2005

> > After eliminating dozens of bugs now I have a working version of
> > Abbrevia for Delphi. Unfortunately this version is not usable with FPC,
> > primarily because FPC doesn't support properties for the Object type.
> >
> > In my code I like to use Object for records with methods and properties,
> > which need no dynamic memory allocation. In Abbrevia this feature
> > allowed to eliminate near 100 methods of various classes, and simplified
> > more code. After all I found the following essential features missing in
> > FPC:
> >
> > 1) Properties for Object type.
> Since which Delphi version is this allowed? FPC has an explicit check for
> delphi mode to disable property in tp style object.

D6 accepts:

  type x = object
             fblaat : integer;
             property blaat:integer read fblaat write fblaat;

assignig fblaat and writeln(blaat) also works.

So it seems it works as expected in D6.

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