[fpc-devel] Video unit -- bug? Tracedump -- request?

Kornel Kisielewicz charon at magma-net.pl
Wed Feb 16 10:26:40 CET 2005

Marco van de Voort wrote:
>>     Video doesn't restore terminal settings on Linux after exiting
>> -- the command line doesn't show any typed in text, and doesn't
>> process CR characters... Is this a bug? And if not, what's the cure?
>> (except of course manual reset of the console after execution)
> Do you call donevideo?

Yes. Always. I also use Keyboard, now that I think about it (and call 
DoneKeyboard too).

>>     LineInfo/Tracedump -- Is there an easy way to make the output of
>> the tracedump after a crash be appended to a file? Or redirected at
>> all? I need people to submit bug-reports, and while using Video unit
>> the dumps arent readable at all on linux... :-(
> Don't know, try:
> ./x 2> filename.txt

This is not something I can tell a non-programmer beta-tester to do -- I 
wanted something simple :-(.

Peter Vreman wrote:
> For normal runtime errors/exceptions with backtrace there is no way to
> redirect. The writing of that info is to stdout for compatibility.

Isn't there any way to catch stdout to a file? (I tried to check in a 
ExitrProc wether ExitCode is non-zero and if so Assign StdOut, but assigning 
stdout doesn't seem to work -- guess it cant be reasigned...)

At your service,
Kornel Kisielewicz 

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