[fpc-devel] Abbrevia and Delphi compatibility

DrDiettrich drdiettrich at compuserve.de
Tue Feb 15 02:35:40 CET 2005

After eliminating dozens of bugs now I have a working version of
Abbrevia for Delphi. Unfortunately this version is not usable with FPC,
primarily because FPC doesn't support properties for the Object type.

In my code I like to use Object for records with methods and properties,
which need no dynamic memory allocation. In Abbrevia this feature
allowed to eliminate near 100 methods of various classes, and simplified
more code. After all I found the following essential features missing in

1) Properties for Object type.
2) Sets with minimal size, at least with 1 and 2 bytes for replacement
of Byte and Word types.

I consider both features as vital in translations from C to Pascal, and
in the detection and elimination of bugs. Will it be possible to add
these features to FPC, this year?


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