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Ibrahim Moyo imoyo at novell.com
Wed Aug 24 11:51:28 CEST 2005


>>> Oro06 <orinaudo at gmail.com> 8/4/2005 6:57 pm >>>

ppcrossarm.exe built and installed in right dir : 2.1.X\bin\i386-win32,

that's ok

but crosscompiled libraries(including rtl) are not there
target directories under 2.1.X\units\arm-wince\fcl [... rtl] are
but contain only Package.fpc file
commad line is - from src root - :
fpcmake -rv -Ti386-win32,i386-linux,arm-wince,arm-linux
make distclean
make crossall crossinstall CPU_TARGET=arm OS_TARGET=wince 
CROSSBINDIR=d:\fpc\binutils\win32-arm-pe BINUTILSPREFIX=arm-wince-pe- 
INSTALL_PREFIX=d:\FPC\2.1.X >d:\FPC\build-win32-arm-wince.log

and error message is
Fatal: Can't find unit System
Fatal: Compilation aborted

this come just after this line in the log file :
D:/FPC/2.1.x-src/compiler/ppcrossarm.exe -Twince -XParm-wince-pe- -Xc 
-Xr -Xs  -n -FuD:/FPC/2.1.x-src/rtl -FDd:\fpc\binutils\win32-arm-pe
-FUunits/arm-wince -darm -dRELEASE paszlib.pas

i run the same cmdline targetting i386-linux and arm-linux and it was
system.pp file exit in the rtl\wince dir, but it is ignored

any suggestion ?


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