[fpc-devel] header wince conversion : point

Oro06 orinaudo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 08:44:45 CEST 2005

checking/porting wince sdk  .h is running !

windef.h  done
 - winnt.h current ine 1325
   winnt.h is common to all windows (alpha,ppc and x64..)
 - ctype+stdlib.h partial scan
   seems to be C/C++ lib not used
   by fpc
 -remain ntstaus, types, winbase, wingdi, winuser, winreg, shellapi, 
ole2, imm, strsafe (perhaps more discovering includes on the road)

i add comments to checked lines as indicated :
 //xxxxx   : checked no changes
//+xxxxx : added
//-xxxxx : removed
//~xxxxx : updated
xxxxx is the corresponding sdk .h filename

until now only few changes, types, consts added or converted to functions.

concering processor dependancies i'm using fpc define instead of sdk 
one's  :
$ifdef i386   -> represent the all x86 32 bits architecture (not only 
386 proc) ?
same for arm, for other cpu not defined in fpc i'll use sdk define.


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