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Oro06 orinaudo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 17:12:58 CEST 2005

Great !

1°) i had a look to the writeln pb ie text to std output give a runtime 
error 103.
so i tried the same code with evc-> the result:  nothing appear
 in fact cmd.exe is not installad by default on pda's ie  not text 
console, no CON: device
but this can be installed with external tools (ms provide one with 
PowerToys,but there are others on the net)
After that cmd.exe is installed, running the previous simpliest printf 
progs, show the expected text
in a text window, existing of console.dll in \windows dir have been 
detected and stdout configured at runtime.
the only difference is that a new console is opened every time, even if 
hello.exe is run from a console !

looking at the assembler of generated exe, we can see that during startup
there is a call to '_cinit' just before the winmain.
this _cinit then call 2 times '_initterm'
both _cinit and _initterm are located in crt0dat.c (and wince version 
sources are provided with vs2005beta2)

inside crt0dat.c  there is an external pointer list declaration (this is 
used by initterm) :
extern _CRTALLOC(".CRT$XIA") _PIFV __xi_a[];
extern _CRTALLOC(".CRT$XIZ") _PIFV __xi_z[];    /* C initializers */
it is declared here but filled ? in an other part and i can't find where.

Any idea on that is welcomed :)

2°)Yuri, concerning the .h migration, if you already planned to start 
something, in wich order ?
(not enough ressources to do the same thing twice !)

3°) i'ld like to use sqllite (on pda), any feed back on that ?


Yury Sidorov a écrit :

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>Yury Sidorov.
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