[fpc-devel] THandle and 64bit platforms

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Tue Aug 2 14:26:16 CEST 2005

Marc Weustink wrote:
>>From: fpc-devel-bounces at lists.freepascal.org
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>>Sent: dinsdag 21 december 2004 8:30
>>Peter Vreman wrote:
>>>My proposal is to rename the current THandle to TFileHandle. And add an
>>>platform independent type "THandle=PtrUInt".
>>>Note that this can still cause range check errors under Unix, because
>>>invalid filedescriptors have (normally) value -1.
>>Sounds good to me.
> This would be nice

As far as I could see in the sources, this renaming has not been done 
yet. Is there any time schedule? Should I make a bug report?


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