[fpc-devel] ARM/Linux development

Florian Klaempfl F.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Mon Aug 1 23:09:35 CEST 2005

Robert Reimiller wrote:

> I am researching a new platform for our data logger. The current data logger
> is a PC104 board with a ZF86 (obsolete) chip running DR-DOS, our own
> multi-tasking kernel, with code compiled using BP7.
> Since low power is important for this application we are interested in ARM
> based products. We are currently looking at this development system:
> http://www.arcom.com/devkit-linux-vulcan.htm
> which is a IXP425 XScale based board running "Embedded Linux", apparently
> obtained from http://www.linuxdevices.com/
> Anyone know if FPC is compatable with the IXP425?

I'am quite sure it is.

> As I understand it the ARM version of FPC is not self hosting, it must run
> on a 386 based Linux system and run as a cross compiler, correct? 

The precompiled package, yes. However, you could create a self hosting
package (having an arm with at least 64 MB RAM and 1 GB disk) or a cross
compiler hosted on any platform supported by FPC.

> If so,
> what is the recommended version of 386 Linux, at least this week?

It should work with any not too old linux. The installer package was
built on SuSE 9.0.

> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> Robert Reimiller
> Certified Software Corp.
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