[fpc-devel]cursory acquaintance with MacOS RTL

Olle Raab olle.r at automagika.se
Thu Sep 30 22:07:52 CEST 2004

04-06-29 09.38, skrev Pavel V. Ozerski följande:

> Hello all,
> 10 years ago I programmed a little on ThinkPascal therefore could
> point to some inconveniences that seem to be reproduced in FPC.
> As is known, common file names are not enough in MacOS to comfortable
> file access via shell, they need also two hiden extensions, type and
> creator. Think pascal didn't allow (at least, I got the flavour
> working without manuals) set these extensions by using standard file
> types, reset/rewrite etc and gave e.g. 'TEXT' or 'DATA' for ftype
> automatically. I see, in current MacOS RTL. But I think, no reason is
> here to use only direct API calls. If two writeable typized constants,
> Creator:OSType=$522A6368;fileType:= $54455854, will be added into
> INTERFACE section, the programmer will be easy change them later.

Now this 2 proc are added to rtl/macos/system.pp:

procedure SetDefaultMacOSFiletype(ftype: ShortString);
procedure SetDefaultMacOSCreator(creator: ShortString);


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