[fpc-devel]const sLineBreak

Darek Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Wed Sep 15 23:59:57 CEST 2004

Użytkownik Michael Van Canneyt napisał:
> I think that if your code expects the same linefeed on both platforms,
> you should rethink your strategy. You should always use the 'local'
> default. Opening a unix LF file in Windows gives strange results, and
> vice versa too...

I dont agree:
   I don't know on which OS file will be write or read, I have several places to 
generate and several to read files. And no user need to open this files myself 
without application.

  And second I don't understand why You don't want change it. I don't see any 
true reason to left it unchanged. Everybody, who want to control output must 
avoid WRITELN (I don't test READLN, but I use it very rare).  I want do decide, 
how function work, not OS.

Of course I can do it by hand, but I think that somebody help me (I must change 
  more than 1000 places in my program)


> Michael.
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