[fpc-devel]Proposal for audo-destructors

netsurfer at au.ru netsurfer at au.ru
Sun Sep 12 08:42:48 CEST 2004


Absence of automatic construction/destruction of 
classes is very painfull and it can significantly 
degrade the
development process (i.e. smart pointers and RAII are 
impossible). It's one of the greatest flaws of Pascal 
relatevly to
C   (the second thing are Templates of cource). Are 
there any plans for serious language extensions in 
this way for "post
2.0" releases of FPC ?

P.S. The simpliest proposal for syntax for auto 
construction/destruction could be like (maybe with 
some restrictions
     on constructors/destructors):

 Procedure Something;
 Var T:tMyClass;Auto;
 Begin   <- T auto created here
    If ... Then Exit; <- T auto destructed here
 End;    <- T auto destructed here

 P.P.S. The "auto" modifier should affect only stack 
        There's no great need of this for global vars.

Sergey Kosarevsky
[Linderdaum Team]
netsurfer at au.ru

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