[fpc-devel]about the bug 2364

Pavel V. Ozerski pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru
Fri May 14 08:39:03 CEST 2004

Hello Peter,

Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 4:02:59 PM, you wrote:

>> Hello all,
>> I have some ideas about the bug #2363 (Unfixed Error export problem).

>> Second way: storing exported items info in PPU.

PV> That is possible. It needs a new ppuentry that will contain the following
PV> items per export:

PV> - procdef reference
PV> - exported name
PV> - exported index

May be it is possible to avoid adding new entries. I looked a
little... Two kinds of statements can be exported:
procedures/functions and (on some platforms) variables.

tvarsym contains a field varoptions that is a set of tvaroption.
Tvaroption already has vo_is_exported as a possible value.

tprocsym has a field is_global : boolean (unfortunately, only under
{$ifdef GDB}). This field could be easily changed to byte with 3
possible values: 0 - local, 1 - global, 2 - global and exported. That
could cause no changes in binary PPU structure and no changes in other
parts of compiler where this field is already used (only a typecast byte to
boolean is needed). Am I right?

Best regards,
 Pavel                            mailto:pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru

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