[fpc-devel]Probably three new bugs

Gecko gecko2 at tlen.pl
Sun May 9 14:15:31 CEST 2004

I found three bugs:

1)When I am compiling program with {$LINKLIB c} directive, I have got 
error, that cannot find gcc library ("d:/maciek/fpc/bin/go32v2/ld.exe: 
cannot find -lgcc").

2)When I am using printf function, I have got error message like this:

D:\MACIEK\/libC.a(doprnt.o)(.text+0xa61):doprnt.c: undefined reference 
to `__umo
D:\MACIEK\/libC.a(doprnt.o)(.text+0xaa0):doprnt.c: undefined reference 
to `__udi

My printf declaration:
function printf(fm:pchar;args:array of const):integer;cdecl;external;

3)When I am writing number for Int64/QWord variables using ":=", i can 
write only Longint/Longword values.

NOTE: I'm not subscribed to this mailing list, so please send me a copy 
of answers at gecko2 at tlen.pl.



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