[fpc-devel]Errata in the install.sh for linux binary install

Nigel Whitley nw_tulip at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 01:56:15 CET 2004

I tried to install fpc v1.0.10 on my Slackware 9.1
Linux system using the binary package with source.

After problems getting the source part to install, I
examined the install script and I think it is faulty.
I've created an amended version which does what I
expected the script would do.
A diff of the two files is included below - I'll
happily send you the changed script if you want it.
The errors seem to have been the result of cutting and
pasting similar text but then not changing everything
that needed changing - I do that.

The main problem is that the $PREFIX variable is being
used as a target for untarring the source - I believe
this should target $SRCDIR.
Similarly the docs are untarred to $PREFIX instead of

The reason these problems may be masked is that the
script also fails to ensure the source directory
exists before trying to untar the archive.
The same problem does not arise with the documentation
directory because this will be created by the
mandatory binary.tar extraction. In my version I've
added a comment to that effect.

Thanks for the hard work in producing the compiler - I
hope this helps.

Nigel Whitley

< echo $DOCDIR
<   unztar basesrc.tar.gz $PREFIX
>   makedirhierarch $SRCDIR
>   unztar basesrc.tar.gz $SRCDIR
<     unztar compilersrc.tar.gz $PREFIX
>     unztar compilersrc.tar.gz $SRCDIR
<     unztar rtlsrc.tar.gz $PREFIX
>     unztar rtlsrc.tar.gz $SRCDIR
<     unztar fclsrc.tar.gz $PREFIX
>     unztar fclsrc.tar.gz $SRCDIR
<     unztar idesrc.tar.gz $PREFIX
>     unztar idesrc.tar.gz $SRCDIR
<     unztar installersrc.tar.gz $PREFIX
>     unztar installersrc.tar.gz $SRCDIR
<       unztar $f $PREFIX
>       unztar $f $SRCDIR
<   unztar docs.tar.gz $PREFIX
>    # Dont need "makedirhierarch $DOCDIR" because the
binary tar will create it
>   unztar docs.tar.gz $DOCDIR

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