[fpc-devel]Hello. Anyone working on Package support? I'd like to help...

Warren Postma wpostma at tekran.com
Fri Mar 19 19:36:28 CET 2004

Hi, I'm a 15+ year Pascal/Delphi developer interested in improving the 
FPC and Lazarus.  I am interested in helping out with
Package support. Was any work done on this? Who was working on it? How 
far did they get? Did anyone write up a package-architecture 
documentation of any kind?  Is there any package-docs that describe a 
proposed object-oriented packaging system for the freepascal 

I am a fairly competent Unix/Posix developer already in C, and a 
god-like Delphi objectPascal developer (as well as incredibly humble 
<grin>), and I'd sure like to help fpc and lazarus evolve into being a 
real Delphi-like open source set of tools.  Right now I think that fpc 
needs a lot more features (like complete support for packages, variants 
including var-arrays) before I start into contribs for Lazarus.  The 
fact that Lazarus component "packages" require a recompilation of 
lazarus itself is proof positive that Lazarus will be stuck in a rut 
until FPC evolves a little.  I've always wanted to get my hands dirty 
inside compiler/linker code, so here goes...


Warren Postma
Toronto Canada

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