GCC 3.x and GNU utilities 3.x (Was: [fpc-devel]Small technicalanswers)

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri Mar 5 08:49:57 CET 2004

>>>>>>>distributed with
>>>>>>>version 3.x of GNU utilities?
>>>[...]I was
>>>thinking about one of
>>>the latest versions.
>> .
>> .
>>Sorry, I don't really understand your question. Do you have any
>>particular version in mind? Or do you have a particular problem
>>which might be solved with one of the later versions?
>>Understanding your problem would probably help us to answer you
>>more precisely, or even solve the problem.
> No, I don't have any problem with version, with is currently distributed
> with FPC. But IMHO the latest version is usually better (fixed bugs, new
> features, etc.). Really, I was thinking about version 2.14 (not 2.1.4!)
> - as I know, It's the latest version of GNU utlis. But I think, that I
> got answer for this question:
> "[..]FPC has slightly different needs than GCC, so the older version
> might be perfectly useable for FPC although it might be outdated for GCC."
> I understand, that currently distributed version has everything, what
> FPC needs, and newer version won't change anything. Am I right?

Yes, another issue is that building GNU binutils for go32v2 (djgpp) and
win32 (mingw32) is most of the time not working out-of-the-box. So unless
we really need to migrate to newer versions we don't spend any time on
building them.

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