[fpc-devel]Problem with 1.9.4/Linux

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Op 06 Jun 04 schreef Marco van de Voort aan fpc-devel at lists.freepascal.org:

 >> First it complains that NameStr, DirStr and ExtStr are unknown types.
 >> When I change them to string it complains that FSplit doesn't exist.

 MvdV> The unix rtl has been thoroughly reworked. The identifiers you are
 MvdV> refering to are probably in unit unix now.

They seem not to be.  Where do I find information about the unix unit anyway? 
I looked in the Unix, FCL and Reference manuals.

 MvdV> You shouldn't be using these routines anyway, but use similar routines
 MvdV> in sysutils that use ansistring and don't have 255 char limits.

That is a very good suggestion and solved the problem :)  But I'm lazy, so 
when I decided to look at programming in pascal again, I took some old 
sources and only changed what was really necessary.

 MvdV> The routines are only in linux because they are needed for legacy unit
 MvdV> dos.

The last time I did some serious pascal programming was when Turbo Pascal 6.0 
was brand new...



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