[fpc-devel]path problems in lastest fpc snap

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Sat Jul 24 16:38:54 CEST 2004

On 24 jul 2004, at 16:31, rstar at mnet-online.de wrote:

> D:\Lazarus>make
> make -C lcl all
> make[1]: Entering directory `D:/Lazarus/lcl'
> d:/fpc/bin/win32/rm.exe -f units/i386/win32/alllclunits.ppu
> d:/fpc/bin/win32/ppc386.exe -gl -Fu. -Fuwidgetset -Fiinclude 
> -FUunits/i386/win32 -di386 alllclunits.pp
> Hint: End of reading config file d:\fpc\bin\win32\fpc.cfg
> Free Pascal Compiler version 1.9.5 [2004/07/24] for i386
> Copyright (c) 1993-2004 by Florian Klaempfl
> Target OS: Win32 for i386
> Compiling alllclunits.pp
> Compiling filectrl.pp
> Compiling stdctrls.pp
> Compiling graphics.pp
> Fatal: Can't find unit CONTNRS
> make[1]: *** [alllclunits.ppu] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `D:/Lazarus/lcl'

There is no path problem with the compiler. You probably have some 
release installed, which is why compiler could find the necessary 
pacakges/fcl units without you specifying where they were. Newer 
compilers may have an incompatible ppu format, which means they can't 
use the older compiled units anymore. They will then try to recompile 
those units, which is what you are seeing above.

You can work around the omissions in Lazarus' makefile by adding the 
appropriate units paths using make 


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