[fpc-devel]More units for MacOS X port?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Jan 26 17:44:46 CET 2004

> I guess, this will mainly be directed to Jonas Maebe
> With the MacOS X port available, i played (maybe fooled) around in 
> order to port some of the basic units, such as termio crt video 
> keyboard serial.
> I managed to get it compiling by transferring missing definitions of 
> constants and types from netbsd of freebsd versions to termio*.inc 
> files or simply copying missing files from the *bsd folders to the 
> darwin folder. Now to my questions:

I'm currently redoing termio (and possibly the others too) for the bsd
ports. Could you send what you already got to me? I'll then merge it in with
my changes, and if possible, move some files to bsd/

> Is this actually a sound way to proceed? The problem for me is that I 
> do not know the detailed meaning of all the stuff and therefore, I do 
> not have a real clue, whether this is appropriate at all?

Yes, it is. However only for the FreeBSD parts that have proper libc
support. Also be careful with ioctl's.

Luckily Mac OS X is very FreeBSD compatible.
> After successful compilation, how can I test the units?
> Finally, if this is ok and of any value for the project, how would I 
> submit the files?

In general, if it is generic BSD/Unix, to me, if it is Darwin specific to
Jonas. I think termio and video can be done generic, I'm not sure about
keyboard (since it already differs between BSDs), and I don't know serial
well enough. Keyboard and Mouse are not fully debugged for FreeBSD too,
e.g. some terminal types have problems.

P.s. it is not a problem if you accidentally send it to the wrong
person. It is just a rule of thumb.

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