[fpc-devel]default parameters

Yakov Sudeikin yashka at exebook.com
Fri Jan 16 19:07:59 CET 2004

Hi guys,

this is two years as I test FPC on my project. Every now and then it does
not work. I submit reports, they are fixed, but later on they are here
again. I intensively use default parameters, open and dynamic arrays,
overloaded functions. They all work, but when  used a lot, and especially
used together (Say dynarray as a result of an overloaded function, or open
array with a default value) -- compiler cannot handle it.

I might be wrong but I guess it is just because nobody esle is using those
features so extensively as I do. And these features luck attention of
developers. Let's take it seriously and once complete them! Waiting for two
years and to see little of progress is no good!

Here is another report. I believe it was working before! Now again with
1.9.2 it is here.

 strs = array of string;

function list(b: string = ''): strs;


bug3.pas(9,2) Fatal: Internal error 200212141

See, I have a project 20000 lines long, with dynarrays, openarrays, defaults
and overloads used just in every second line (and that's why it is only 20K
lines, not 100K) and I believe that this project is a great test for the
compiler! If you guys decide to help me to compile it and get it working as
good as it works when compiled with delphi/kylix (console app with only
system unit used) -- you will get these four new features really stable!

Yakov Sudeikin

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